Flat collector development direction

In view of the gap between domestic flat panel collectors and foreign technology and quality, the following measures should be taken to improve the performance and quality of flat panel collectors:

1) Research and develop a selective coating suitable for flat panel solar collectors, which should have high absorption rate, low infrared emissivity, excellent heat and humidity resistance, and suitable processing cost;

2) Widely used low-iron high-transmittance cover glass. At present, a number of glass manufacturers have begun to produce low-iron glass suitable for solar collectors, and the gap between glass quality at home and abroad is getting smaller and smaller;

3) Pay attention to the optimized design of the collector, improve the manufacturing process, ensure the tightness of the structure, and reduce the heat loss of the collector;

4) Select tempered glass as the collector cover to improve the quality of the collector components, and optimize the structural design to ensure that the collector can withstand performance tests such as anti-ice, rain, air drying, pressure resistance and thermal shock. Heater life, reducing system maintenance costs;

5) In order to meet the special requirements of cold regions, solar heating and air conditioning, and industrial heating, high-efficiency flat panel collectors should be developed. As soon as possible, the technology of double-layer cover and transparent honeycomb will be industrialized, and the cost performance will be improved, so that the high-efficiency flat panel collector has strong market competitiveness;

6) Track the advanced technology and technology of foreign flat panel collectors, develop a new flat panel collector solar system, and increase the market share of flat panel collectors.

In addition

1) The flat collector has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, reasonable cost, strong pressure bearing capacity and large heat absorption area, and is most beneficial to realize the combination of solar energy system and building;

2) Using the backflow evacuation technology, the flat panel collector solar system can easily solve technical difficulties such as antifreeze and overheat prevention;

3) High-efficiency flat-plate collector solar system can provide more domestic hot water than the vacuum tube solar system under the same area;

Solar collectors 4) The performance and quality of domestic flat panel collectors still have a certain gap compared with foreign products. Further improvements are needed in selective coatings, cover glass, optimized design and production processes.

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