Furniture market accelerates shuffling old brands to play new tricks

Some people say that the furniture market is cold and lonely in 2015. Some people say that the furniture market is very lively in 2015. Of course, where to look, how to see, different people and where they are, the feeling of income will be different.

It is said that the market is “not so ideal” in 2015, and most of them are looking at the sales performance. When they talk about the hot scene, they are estimated to be like us. They saw the self-expression of the furniture brands in this year. . Whether the original design is rooted in the store, the flowers are blooming, or the new Chinese style is not weak, it is bound to win, whether it is the reloading of the old brand, ready to go, or the whole house custom firepower, Accelerating growth, in the year of 2015, we are all delighted to see consumers and brand businesses, the pursuit of original design and quality of life is getting higher and higher, of course, the pace of advancement is often mixed into the "do not adjust" Products, but I believe that as consumers' eyes and hearts become more clear, the market's shuffling will only get faster and faster, and the mixed situation will not last long.

The new Chinese style can be full of emotions

Criticism or praise, questioning or affirmation, whether you like it or not, it is indisputable that the new Chinese style is full of fire this year.

Different from the traditional Chinese furniture with strict rules and traditions, the new Chinese style hangs the “new” surname on the appearance of the new Chinese style. It does not lose the classical charm and fits the living habits of the contemporary people. Under the word “new”, all the brands are in the same league. Take out your own crafts, choose materials, and secretly compete. For example, Qumei Home, which advocates “making new Chinese furniture that can be afforded by the public”, will innovate the series of products “everything” and replace “bamboo steel” with chicken wing wood. The process is upgraded again and the warmth is within reach. In addition, the brand “U”, which has been quiet and low-key, speaks with products, and deepens the process, polishes the details, and makes the quality become the highlight of many people. At the same time, Xuan Ming's residence, which has always held the "New Chinese" banner, is not to be outdone. The founder and designer of the brand Fu Junmin upgraded the previous generation of products, added new items and enriched the living space of the home.

"'New Chinese style' is not a form, and its deeper connotation is the aesthetic taste and usage habits of the Chinese people. It is essential to find the best face and research spirit." Wu Nani, vice president of Qumei Home, said. Indeed, the "new Chinese style" should lead a "new way" rather than a "new situation" in the market. Step by step, rushing to the brand of the surface, it is a good study.

Original design is close to the public, fresh and literary

Of course, if the “New Chinese Style” provides a good choice for the consumer groups who like Chinese culture and prefer the Chinese style, then there is still a large wave of original design brands invading the market in 2015, occupying a place of their own. What did they do this year?

When it comes to originality, a few small craftsmen who have entered the home market have something to say. This year, the opening of ACF Home East Fourth Ring Red Star Macalline Store, the Red Star original furniture "four small craftsmen" gathered. From Guangzhou, Wen Hao founded the first life to pursue the oriental artistic conception; rooted in Beijing, Chen Darui led the Maxmei (Maxmarko) interpretation of beautiful and exquisite; from Shanghai, Hou Zhengguang led more (Moreless) return to simple leisure; based in Beijing, Wang Hao led ACF HOME highlights the elegance and elegance. At the same time, it is understood that several original brands, including the first life, ACFHOME, etc., will also be in the scenery of the North Fourth Ring Store in the home, and compete with the HC28 furniture and other brands that have both oriental temperament and international style. put.

With a gentle corner, strong support and elegant lines, it can be seen that more and more original designs are starting from the exploration of the current lifestyle, trying to integrate the furniture form and the space atmosphere into something that is suitable for both Chinese families and international. A new style of vision and temperament.

The old brand "knocks the clock" for a comfortable life is more worth looking forward to

The listing of home improvement companies and home stores is not considered rare. This year is no exception. In April, Qumei Home, the first Beijing furniture company, ringed the clock at the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The funds raised were mainly used to expand "comprehensive furniture." , the production capacity of solid wood furniture, mattresses and soft bed series products."

Just six months after ringing the clock, Qumei was renamed as "Qumei Home" by "Qumei Furniture".

Intrinsic, one is based on the product innovation concept with design as the core. New Qumei provides a variety of solutions in design, extending from product design to design service. The second is model innovation based on home Internet. Xinqumei strives to create an OAO platform that is different from the traditional home improvement O2O channel thinking, integrate product experience, design services and smart production, and truly realize online and offline integration.

The newly redefined New Qumei will wait and see if it will become the exporter of the smart lifestyle.

Customized market is very lively and good-looking, you have the final say.

A few days ago, the introduction of "Full House Customized Home Products" made people sigh, and custom furniture also needs standards. However, it is not difficult to find out that the introduction of the standard is precisely because the custom market has been booming in the past year. Some people took the opportunity to fish in troubled waters, and some people calmly deal with unambiguousness. Some people will be reshuffled after standard requirements, and some people are The market is growing steadily and steadily.

The custom-made Feimei furniture can be described as the German chariot in the custom industry, fully automatic equipment, full computer numerical control, you just modified the drawer door partition with the Feimei designer, and the new offer can come out instantly. The complete and mature experience also makes it possible to sell and renovate. Such refreshing customization is not common, but relying on delicate traditional manufacturing methods, there are also a number of good custom brands that are popular among people. It is a Sofia that cannot be ignored. It is indispensable to select fine texture and make skills and materials.

At the same time, some soft-packing brands and furniture brands have played cross-border. The role of customization in these can be imagined, and the cabinet brands such as Boloni and Europa have always maintained their own advantages in the research and development process. At the same time, do not forget to pursue design and quality, go hand in hand.

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