Heavy: Tomorrow, Tangshan Steel Sintering Machine and Shaft Furnace will all be discontinued!

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[Notice of the document] It is predicted by the Tangshan City Environmental Protection Command Center that due to unfavorable meteorological conditions, there may be a process of heavy pollution in Tangshan City, which is expected to reach the orange warning level. The Tangshan Heavy Pollution Weather Response Command decided to start the heavy pollution level II emergency response (enhanced) in Tangshan City from 12:00 to 21:00 on July 18. The relevant matters are now notified, such as the full implementation of emergency response emission reduction measures:

(1) Industrial source stop production measures

1. Steel industry: All the sintering machines and shaft furnaces of enterprises have been discontinued.

2. Coking industry: The coke oven extends the coke time to 36 hours.

3. The independent lime kiln and the enterprise lime kiln are discontinued.

4. Foundry industry: Independent rolling mills stop production.

5, building materials industry: cement (including special cement, grinding station), brick kiln shale bricks, new building materials bricks, ceramics, glass wool, rock wool, gypsum board, slag powder and other enterprises stopped production.

6. VOCs industry: Industrial enterprises involved in the VOCs emission process cannot stop production due to discharge of standards (including unfinished environmental protection). In addition to coking, other VOCs discharge processes have stopped production of VOCs.

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