How does the home store develop in the future: innovative brand marketing

How to develop the home store in the future is a question that many industry leaders consider every day. The first way out for the product is the brand marketing strategy. The brand is the core of an enterprise. In a home furnishing store that is so competitive, the marketing route must take an unusual path, innovate marketing concepts, integrate channel resources, and be the best marketing furniture brand.

Innovative marketing ideas in the home store have brought the gospel to wooden door companies. How to better cooperate with the home furnishing market may also bring new development opportunities for the development of the enterprise.

Make a fuss about service innovation

In the market situation where a large number of brands are increasing and product competition is becoming increasingly homogenous, finding ways to meet various personalized needs of consumers has become the focus of competition among major merchants. Liang Bin said that "helping consumers achieve the perfect home dream" is a basic function that must be possessed by home stores. In addition to having a certain scale and bringing a comfortable shopping experience to consumers, it is also necessary to introduce furniture, building materials, and soft decorations. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce a decoration company to make consumers feel a one-stop shopping service; The store must continue to improve the after-sales service system to protect consumer rights. In addition, Liang Bin publicly disclosed for the first time news that Juxinmei will start building an e-commerce platform.

A person in charge of a brand company said that the company maintains good cooperative relations with stores and building material business partners, and organically combines the advantages of the three to better help consumers realize their home dreams and ultimately win the consumer market. Wooden door companies also need to further explore consumer needs, always running through the principle of "consumer is God", and making a fuss about service innovation is the long-term way.

Ability to integrate upstream and downstream resources

In order to integrate upstream and downstream resources, after the forum session, Juxinmei Home Century City signed a settlement agreement with 8 major brands such as Meikemeijia, Gujia Crafts, and marge cason, and signed a year-round cooperation agreement with 18 property companies such as Longhu and Vanke. Yang Jiedi, General Manager of Longhu Property, said, "In recent years, Longhu Chongqing Company has annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan, bringing more than 13,000 houses to Longhu Property to take over each year, bringing nearly 2 billion annual renovations and homes. Business. "Some home building materials giants that are at the forefront of the industry, such as Red Star Macalline's recent acquisition of Jisheng Weibang, are also heralding the transformation of the industry and the integration and utilization of resources.

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