How to disassemble the central air conditioner

In the central air-conditioning repair process, it is inevitable that central air-conditioning disassembles and devices, then how to disassemble the central air-conditioning ? Next we will take a look at how to disassemble the central air conditioner .

How to disassemble the central air conditioner

I. Preparation

1. At least two or more persons (a skilled refrigeration repairman plus one deputy);

2. A set of refrigeration repair tools, as well as fixed expansion screws for indoor and outdoor machines;

3, a seat belt.

Second, disassemble steps

1, recycling refrigerant

Whether in winter or in summer, the refrigerant in the air conditioner must be collected in the outdoor unit. Before starting the dismantling, start the air-falling device and set the cooling state. After the compressor is in operation for 5-10 minutes, after the cooling state is normal, use a wrench to unscrew the cap on the external liquid pipe and the gas pipe connector, and then close it with the hexagon socket. The stop valve of the high-pressure tube (fine), after 1 minute, the tube surface condensation, immediately close the low-pressure tube (thick) cut-off valve, the same rapid shutdown, unplug the power plug, tighten the fuse cap with a wrench, and thus complete the recovery of refrigerant. (If it is winter, you should use a warm towel to cover the temperature sensor probe of the indoor unit first, then control the cold state to set the power on.) You can also use the forced start button on the indoor unit to boot, and observe whether the indoor and outdoor machines still have Other faults. Avoid troubles after relocation.

2, remove the indoor unit

After the refrigerant is recovered, the indoor unit can be disassembled. Use a spanner to unscrew the indoor unit's connection lock nut, and use the prepared sealing sodium to wrap the thread of the indoor unit's connection joint to prevent the connector's thread from being damaged in handling. Then use a cross to remove the control line. At the same time should be marked to avoid mistakes in the installation. If the signal cable or power cable is connected incorrectly, the external unit will not operate or the machine will not be controlled. The internal machine hanging plate is generally fixed and relatively difficult to unload; after unloading and removing the hanging plate, it is placed on the flat cement floor and then gently patted and corrected.

3, split the outdoor unit

Dismantling the outdoor unit shall be dismantled by a professional refrigeration serviceman while ensuring safety. After unscrew the external machine to connect the lock mother, apply the prepared sealed sodium spinner to secure the thread of the outbound machine connector. Use a wrench to loosen the fixing screw of the outer machine foot. When laying down the outdoor unit after dismantling, it is best to use a rope to hang it. When releasing, pay attention to balance, avoid vibration, bump, and pay attention to safety.

The air conditioner should be slowly taken over and the four plugs should be used to Seal the four ports of the connecting pipe to prevent dust and moisture from entering the air. The plug is good, and finally tied with plastic bags, plated for easy handling.

Above about how to disassemble the central air conditioning is a simple introduction here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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