How to do roof waterproofing

Waterproofing the roof of the house is also a very important process. The quality of the waterproofing project directly affects the service life of the building and also has a certain impact on our lives. So, the following editor will share with you how to do roof waterproofing , and what to pay attention to when doing roof waterproofing .

Second, how to do roof waterproofing

1. Processing appearance

Before the roof is waterproof, you need to use cement mortar to level the ground, and then make the roof waterproof , so that there will be no leakage due to thinness. After the ground is cleaned, use polyurethane waterproof paint brush 2-3 times, so that the waterproof effect is better, and it is not easy to leak.

2. Brush the base treatment agent

The base layer treatment agent is diluted by adding neoprene asphalt adhesive to gasoline. It must be stirred evenly, and then evenly applied on the surface of the base layer with a large roller brush. After four hours, you can start to spread the roll material.

3. Paving rolls

(1) The number and thickness of the coiled material should meet the design requirements. If more paving is needed, the seams must be staggered. Cut the modified asphalt waterproof coiled material to the appropriate size. While laying the coiled material, use a flame spray gun to heat the base layer and connect the coiled material.

(2) The coiled material must be parallel to the roof, and then be laid up from the cornice. The lap of the two-way flow slope should be along the direction of the flow. The lap width of the long side and the end is 80㎜. Stagger 50㎜.

(3 The roll material laid on the flat surface should be connected to the facade, so that the roll material is close to the yin and yang corners, and the roll material cannot be pulled too tight.

4. Hot melt edge banding

How to do roof waterproofing , heat the joint of the coiled material with a spray gun, and then firmly connect them together, the end needs to be tightly filled with sealing paste.

5. Water storage test

After the membrane waterproof layer is completed, confirm whether the style is required, and then irrigate. The water surface should be about 20 mm higher than the highest point of the roof. Observe after 24 hours. If there is no leakage, it is qualified, otherwise rework is required.

2. What to pay attention to when doing roof waterproofing

1. The roof can not be waterproofed under 5 degrees Celsius or rainy days, which affects the construction quality.

2. If the construction is carried out under damp and ventilated conditions, we can use ventilation equipment to make the waterproof coating film faster, to avoid the quality of the waterproof layer being affected.

3. Do not walk on the waterproof coating within 24 hours after construction, as this will damage the waterproof layer.

4. After the waterproofing is done, if there is no protective layer, there can be no iron, nails, steel bars, etc., and it cannot be stacked on the waterproof layer to avoid damage to the waterproof layer.

Edit Summary: The above is about how to do roofing, and roof waterproofing do pay attention to what's relevant knowledge. It is recommended that you invite a professional master to carry out waterproof construction, so that you can rest assured that the quality is more guaranteed and avoid unnecessary trouble in the future.

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