Introduction to the rational use of pesticides in tobacco production

Tobacco is a economic crop with high economic value, and its main harvest is tobacco. The tobacco leaf purchasing department generally has higher requirements on the appearance quality of tobacco leaves. If the tobacco leaves are harmed by pests and diseases, the influence on the appearance of the tobacco leaves is large, and the level of tobacco leaves is often caused by the presence of disease spots and wormholes on the tobacco leaves. In the daily management of tobacco fields, the prevention and control of tobacco pests and diseases are often too frequent. The abuse and misuse of pesticides often occur, increasing the cost of tobacco production, increasing the pollution of the ecological environment, and making the resistance of tobacco pests and diseases. Increasingly, pests and diseases are becoming increasingly rampant, so it is very important to use pesticides to control tobacco pests and diseases.

Reasonable use of pesticides can achieve better control effects, and it is not easy to produce phytotoxicity to tobacco. It can be safe for natural enemies of human and livestock and tobacco fields, can delay the occurrence of pest resistance, reduce the production cost of tobacco leaves, reduce investment, and increase production and increase production. the goal of. To achieve rational application of pesticides, it should be considered from the following aspects. (1) Put the medicine on the "symptom". According to the occurrence of tobacco pests and diseases, the prevention and treatment of the object, the selection of appropriate agents and dosage forms, in order to achieve better control results, and no other side effects. The types of pesticides and fungicides are different, and the objects and scope of prevention and treatment are also different. Some can only control one pest and disease, and some can treat multiple pests and diseases. When using, you must first understand the performance of the drug and the object of prevention and treatment. Only to do the medicine for the "symptoms." (2) Timely medication. There are many pests and diseases in the tobacco growing season, but the habits of occurrence and damage of various pests and diseases are not exactly the same, and the degree of damage to different growth stages of tobacco is also different. The prevention and control of tobacco pests and diseases should be controlled according to the habits of the pests themselves, the sensitivity to the chemicals, and the tolerance of the tobacco to different stages of growth. At the same time, in order to timely use the medicine, it is also necessary to have accurate pest prediction and prediction technology, which can accurately grasp the occurrence of pests and diseases in advance, and use the medicine in a suitable time to control the pests and diseases. (3) The concentration of the drug at the time of dispensing should be accurate to ensure the quality of the drug. Accurate formulation of the required pesticide concentration is the basis for proper dosage. In the application of pesticide control, the application of pesticides is even and thoughtful, especially the pests such as tobacco, which are generally on the back of the tobacco leaves. When the contact pesticide is applied, if the uniformity is not sprayed, the control effect of the medicament is greatly affected. When applying the medicine, it is also necessary to ensure that there is no leakage or the like. (4) Select the preferred application time and climatic conditions. The control effect of the application and the selected application time are closely related to the climatic conditions at that time. The application time should be determined according to the nature of the agent used, and the application climatic conditions are generally applied in the weather without wind or breeze. (5) Reasonably mix pesticides to avoid phytotoxicity to tobacco and prevent poisoning of humans and animals.

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