Membrane structure bicycle parking shed for excellence, a model of casting quality

China Hardware Business Network Qiujiang Membrane Structure relies on advanced membrane structure bicycle parking shed technology at home and abroad to develop and produce a variety of Shanghai membrane structure bicycle parking shed products. The company's main business is the membrane structure sports stand and Shanghai membrane structure awning, which has created a good user experience for our customers. At present, Qiujiang Membrane Structure has a complete system of R & D, production, sales and service, and has a high-quality R & D team. The membrane structure awning developed by our company is simple to operate, complete in performance, and has a very high cost performance. Favored. China Hardware Business Network

Product basic information: Product name: Membrane structure shed; Brand trademark: Qiujiang membrane structure; Main product industry: Industry and agriculture, building materials, landscape engineering; Company registered address :; Product details: Membrane structure canopy materials currently commonly used The windproof performance is not ideal, and it is more dangerous in windy weather. Cloth awnings are the most resistant to strong winds, while plexiglass is a brittle material that is easily broken. At present, the strongest stainless steel awnings have the problem of high noise when it rains. The Qiujiang membrane structure is carefully designed by professional designers. The membrane structure canopy can achieve ultra-long durability, rainwater self-cleaning, and noise reduction functions. It is suitable for the overall installation of residences, villas, elevator apartments, and office buildings. It is beautiful, stylish, safe and reliable. According to the current structure of the house, there is no awning, and it is impossible to open the window when it rains and rains, which seriously affects the indoor air quality and the living environment of the owner. , It can also guarantee anti-aging, anti-yellowing, anti-chemical, corrosion resistance, can withstand the impact of 12 strong typhoons, can filter 99% of ultraviolet rays, and the designed service life is up to more than 20 years. After installing the new high-quality membrane structure canopy, it can effectively block the harmful ultraviolet rays, block the sunlight outside the window, and complete the indoor and outdoor heat exchange through outdoor air convection, which greatly reduces the load of the air conditioner and saves power. considerable. When the sun drying window can shorten the sunshine time by half, it can effectively play the role of energy saving and environmental protection. When it rains, there will be no rain at a height of two meters, which solves the problem of not opening the window when it rains

"Continuously meet your needs and continuously exceed your expectations" is the goal pursued by Qiujiang Membrane Structure! Qiujiang Membrane Structure is committed to providing good film structure awnings x36aaban in the industry, and wins the needs of customers with high-quality products and services! Want to know more about Shanghai membrane structure canopy, welcome to visit-:, Qiujiang membrane structure look forward to your consultation!
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'Membrane structure bicycle parking shed for excellence, casting a model of quality

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