Nitto Seiko developed a screw with excellent anti-loosening effect

Figure: A new type of screw that can be used to prevent loosening without the use of adhesives. Interference is formed on the flank of the female screw.

Nitto Seiko has developed a screw "AbusLock" that can achieve excellent anti-loosening effect without applying adhesive to the screw. The screw will be officially sold in March 2011. The anti-loose effect of this new screw is achieved by improving the shape of the screw (Fig.). This product can be widely used in the field of small screws and strong parts such as OA equipment, AV products, and information appliances.

One of the existing methods for screw loosening measures is to apply a male screw (screw) and a female screw (nut) with an adhesive. However, at this time, the screws are in a bonded state, so that the portion (cross hole) for turning the screw when the screw is removed is easily damaged, and the fastening cost is greatly increased.

As a result, the new screws have been innovative in the crease of the male screw. Specifically, the shape of the female screw member is also relatively stable, so that the thread of the male screw member interferes with each other on the uneven surface of the uneven portion, thereby exerting a stable anti-loosening effect. In addition, it also has the following characteristics: (1) By using special thread to interfere with the shape of the ventral surface of the tooth, it can reduce the degree of chipping and cutting when screwing in the screw, and prevent the chip from being generated; (2) the crest portion of the screw is more common The small screws are flat, so the insertability to the female screw is good when tightening.

The new product can be manufactured using the same manufacturing process as ordinary screws, so the cost is far lower than the anti-loosening measures such as adhesives. The screw size (diameter) is 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm, and the material is carbon steel. Various gold plating treatments are available.

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