Qi family picture show: exquisite and compact mini basin

[Netizen "woshimuzi1982 (simple)" comments]

Speaking of Den, my family's bathroom is their home.

My home's bathroom has been tangled for a month. Picking from the very beginning has not been completed. There is a problem with delivery. Until last week, we tangled and even complained about things that had been sent one at a time. Until now, my home's basins and faucets could not be used and they were looking for replacements.

I was tangled up and still hanged Xiao Li’s phone and even got angry with their leader’s phone.

However, now I am very satisfied. Do not worry about the mistakes before.

Because they knew that the basins and faucets sent to me were not suitable for my family, they actively helped me out the idea of ​​replacement; because we must also consider the reasons for the duration and our actual situation. Dingle Sanitary Liu is sending me an electronic photo album on the internet and recommending me a good DD for me.

Then take a look at my home's Denle bathroom:

Mini basin

Ware purchase

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