Spring canopy cultivation of potatoes can be highly efficient

Greenhouse potato technology has been extended in Donggang Zhen Ma's success, benefits are substantial for the moment, the use of greenhouse cultivation of potatoes can be harvested after another 10 days on the market in May. At this time, there is a shortage of potato in the market. The wholesale price is 2.0 yuan per kilogram , and the income per mu can be about 6,000 yuan. Its cultivation techniques are:


   January 15, on a good preparation before winter scaffolding covered with big films, increase in temperature and set aside. At the same time, potato seed potato germination is carried out, the variety is "Dongnong 303 ", or early white. When germination, the seed potato is evenly placed on the crucible, and the temperature is maintained at 18-20 °C.


   At the beginning of February , the buds are budded when the buds grow 1 cm, and they can be sown when the buds turn green. 10 days before planting , ridges were planted in the shed, and 2,500 kg of high-quality agricultural fertilizer was applied . According to the length of the potato buds, they were sown separately. Mushi DAP 15 kg, 20 kg of urea, potassium sulfate 20 kg base fertilizer. After planting, the soil is compacted and covered with mulch film. At the same time, a small arch shed is buckled every two to form a three-layer cover to increase the temperature, which is beneficial to the early maturity and high yield of the potato. After the emergence of the potato, the small arch shed is required to expose the night cover. During the five-leaf period, the temperature is adjusted, the daytime temperature is controlled at 25-30 °C, and the nighttime temperature is maintained at 12-15 °C. The small arch shed was removed on April 20 . Two times of water was poured during the whole growth period, and “Wanling” 1000 times liquid was sprayed once for 1 time. 200 ppm PP333 was sprayed before the bud to enhance the disease resistance and lodging resistance of the plants.

Source: Inner Mongolia Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Information Network

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