Superhard materials industry product export taxation tax adjustment meeting symposium held in Zhengzhou

Research leaders and enterprises face-to-face, to explore the export tax of superhard materials industry, tax items, super-hard materials industry, product export tax, tax items, or will change and share with other products. China Superhard Materials Network Newsletter March 4 morning, superhard materials industry The product export tax and tax adjustment meeting was held in the conference room of Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute. The Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance, the Office of the Tariff Commission of the State Council, Yang Chenfei, Xiao Nan, Deputy Director, Customs Administration Department Cui Xiaolei, Chief Engineer, China Machinery Director Gao Lihong of the International Import and Export Department of the International Federation of Industry, Tang Baoquan, Director of the Taxation Department of the Henan Provincial Department of Finance, Deputy Director Hou Xiangen, Chief Li Ying, Li Zhihong, Secretary General of the Superhard Materials Branch of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, and representatives of the superhard materials industry Nearly 40 people from the sex export enterprises attended the meeting. The delegates exchanged and communicated on some issues concerning the current export taxation of superhard materials industry products. Secretary-General Li Zhihong presided over the meeting Representatives: The current industry product export tax rules have defects and shortcomings . Super-hard enterprise representatives generally believe that there are some defects and shortcomings in the current export tax rules for super-hard materials industry products. First of all, the tariff code is incomplete and cannot cover the main products of the industry, resulting in different product numbers when the same products are submitted to customs in different enterprises. It is understood that in the superhard materials industry, only diamonds and their grinding products have customs. The diamond saw blade products, which account for 60-70% of the total output value of the industry, do not have a clear customs commodity number, but are mixed with non-superhard materials. The second is the definition is not clear. The commodity number of the super-hard materials industry products is very different, and there are many cases where the goods are stranded in customs, delays in delivery, and even causes foreigners to return goods because they cannot receive the goods on time. Third, the use of synthetic diamonds and jewelry for abrasives. Diamonds are opened separately and should not be exclusively exported by the Shanghai Diamond Exchange. The representatives of the participating companies all said that the relatively unreasonable purpose of the product tax in the superhard materials industry has affected the normal operation of the enterprise to a certain extent, and brought economic losses to the enterprise. For example, in the case of international anti-dumping, due to the export tax The chaos, it is difficult for our super-hard materials companies to provide effective and authoritative data to persuade the local anti-dumping arbitration department, in the face of obvious trade protection, there is no way. The representatives of the enterprises sincerely suggested: It is hoped that the relevant state departments can further standardize the export tax rules of the super-hard materials industry. It is best to give the super-hard materials a separate item, to enter the international market for the super-hard materials industry, and to provide a better competitive initiative. Guarantee. At the same time, the representatives of the company also suggested that the state department can give the super-hard materials and products with typical low-carbon environmental protection characteristics and high-tech products supported by the state in the tax policy with the high export tax rebate rate. Business representative speaks   Research Leadership: In accordance with the principle, try to communicate and maximize the problem of the export tax of the super-hard materials industry. The Ministry of Finance, the Customs Department of the General Administration of Customs and the International Department of the Machinery Industry Federation carefully listened to the opinions of the delegates. Some explanations and communication were made to the participants on the issue of export taxation. They said: Due to the restrictions of the international customs code coordination system, the top six of the customs code are internationally unified, and only seven or eight are The state can adjust it by itself, so it is difficult to operate the chapters of superhard materials and products separately. What we can do now is to adjust and classify various products in the existing chapters to make them more reasonable and clearer. Specifically, cubic boron nitride products can be listed in the nitride product alone or listed under the export tariff rule 7105 of the synthetic diamond; for the tool category, under the export tariff of 8207, it is already The large-scale tools list the products with diamond and cubic boron nitride working parts, and under the other export tariffs, some tools such as the circular saw blade of 8202, there is no single diamond tool listed. It is also possible to consider some refinements; in terms of export tax rebates, the reunification is the responsibility of the Taxation Department of the Ministry of Finance. We believe that after the tax rules are clear, it will be more advantageous to seek preferential policies. Deputy Director Yang Chenfei   Deputy Director Xiao Nan delivered a speech Chief Cui Xiaolei Director Gao Lihong Xiao Nan, Deputy Director   And Gao Lihong, Director   Advising representatives of business representatives   Xiao Nan, Deputy Director   And Gao Lihong, Director   Advising representatives of business representatives   Xiao Nan, Deputy Director   And Gao Lihong, Director   Deliberation of the establishment of enterprise representatives   Xiao Nan, Deputy Director   And Gao Lihong, Director   Advising representatives of business representatives   Sustainability of the super-hard materials industry highlights the importance of the association . In addition to the issue of taxation of export tariffs on products in the super-hard materials industry, the most talked about is that super-hard materials clubs are playing an increasingly important role in the development of the industry. Regardless of the identification of the country's strategic emerging industries, the convening of the cross-strait superhard materials technology development forum, or the successful convening of the super-hard materials industry product export taxation taxation forum, the super-hard materials branch has been acting in the industry. Forerunners and leaders. At the symposium, Secretary-General Li Zhihong and Secretary-General Yang Chenfei were talking. It is reported that the Superhard Branch has repeatedly recommended that the relevant departments of the country clearly list the product number of the industry. It is best to list the super-hard materials and products in the customs commodity number and The tax code number, in order to statistically analyze the import and export of such products, can provide relevant authoritative data and protect the national industry when encountering international anti-dumping. In terms of synthetic diamond products, the Superhard Materials Branch has repeatedly and repeatedly reported to the China Machine Tool Industry Association and through the General Conference to report to the relevant state agencies for many years. In 2006, the relevant government departments finally accepted some suggestions from the Association and established The special tariff code for synthetic diamond is 7105120. However, the General Administration of Customs issued the Order No. 152 in September 2006, which stipulated that the diamond powder under the tax number should be exported at the Shanghai Diamond Exchange. The problem has not been completely solved. In response to the above problems, the Superhard Materials Branch invited the leaders of the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs and the Machinery Industry Federation to investigate the superhard materials industry, understand the development of the industry and the export of products, and listen to the industry's tax on superhard materials. Suggestions for tax adjustments. Just before the symposium, in order to ensure the success of the successful symposium on March 4th, on March 3rd, the director of the Superhard Materials Branch, Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Zhu Feng, Superhard Materials Branch Secretary-General Li Zhihong reported the basic situation of the super-hard materials industry to Yang Chenfei, Deputy Director Xiao Nan, Director Cui Xiaolei, Director Gao Lihong and the head of the Taxation Department of Henan Provincial Finance Department. Secretary-General Li Zhihong first reported the superhard materials to the leaders. The product classification of products and super-hard materials and products will be included in the strategic emerging industries. The situation will be supported by the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Secretary Li Zhihong recommends that the Customs list superhard materials and products for the tariff code. The special catalogue also presents detailed tax classification recommendations. Director Zhu Feng gave a report on the basic situation of Sanmao, focusing on the outstanding contributions of Sanmao Superhard Materials in the automotive, electronics, home appliance and tool industries in replacing imported products and showing the Sanmao Institute. product. After Zhu Feng’s director, Secretary-General Li Zhihong accompanied the leaders to the exhibition room of Zhengzhou Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd. to visit the physical objects of various super-hard materials, which greatly deepened the research team’s impression of the super-hard materials industry. The victory was fully prepared.

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