The main principles of ceiling decoration

Some people do not have a suspended ceiling at home, but looking at the bare ceiling, they always feel that there is something missing, so many of them will decorate the ceiling of the home to highlight the decoration style. Now let's take a look at the main points of the ceiling decoration and the four major design principles of the ceiling decoration of the new house. Let's take a look!

Key points for smallpox decoration 1. Decorative smallpox

Many smallpox decoration is just to make the house look more beautiful. For example, decorating the smallpox in the living room and matching with large lamps can make the whole space look more classy and increase the atmosphere.

Key points for smallpox decoration 2. Functional smallpox

The areas used for functional ceilings are mostly kitchen and bathroom areas, that is, the integrated ceilings that we often see, which can greatly reduce our cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms. However, the material of the functional ceiling must have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance.

Key points for ceiling decoration 3. Ceiling materials

Ceiling materials in the living room and bedroom areas are generally gypsum board or wooden keel materials. Gypsum boards are versatile and suitable for various decoration styles, while most of the integrated ceiling materials are PVC boards, aluminum buckle boards, and waterproof gypsum boards.

Four major design principles for ceiling decoration in new houses:

1. Ceiling can design concave shape

At present, the living room of the house is mostly about 2.8 meters high. If the decoration of the ceiling is not designed properly, it will make the living people feel very depressed and will give people a feeling that the house will collapse quickly, so if the eaves of the living room are relatively low, the ceiling The decoration can be designed with four sides thick and thin in the middle, which can relieve the sense of depression and make the visual effect look more comfortable.

2. It should not be uneven or have sharp corners

In some houses, the ceiling will show less tilting symptoms. This condition can be adjusted by the ceiling. However, when designing, you must be careful not to have uneven or sharp shapes, which will make people who live for a long time feel irritable.

3. Ceiling should not be designed with mirror surface

Some owners also choose to do semi-hanging because of the low floors, so that it seems to be less depressed, but be careful not to install a mirror on the ceiling, which will cause adverse effects.

4. The color of the ceiling should be light but not heavy

Now the decoration is simpler and better, so the color of the ceiling should not be too dark, and it must match the decoration of the house, otherwise it will make people feel top-heavy after a long stay.

Editor's summary: The above is the whole content of the four main design principles of ceiling decoration and new house decoration ceiling shared by the editor. No matter how the house is decorated, the indoor ventilation effect must be good, so that the living will be more comfortable.

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