What kind of aluminum gusset is better?

In fact, the quality of aluminum gussets is not all thin and thick, the key lies in the texture of aluminum. The general aluminum gussets for engineering use are 0.8 mm or even thicker. Why? Because some engineering gussets are very long, in order to To prevent deformation, it is necessary to use a little thicker and harder. On the contrary, aluminum buckle plates for home decoration are rarely more than 4 meters, and there is no heavy object on the aluminum buckle ceiling. Therefore, the aluminum buckle plate can be said. 0.6mm is enough.

To see the quality of an aluminum gusset is mainly two points, 1 is the texture of the aluminum gusset 2 is good or bad, how to look at the texture, bend the board a big bend, see if there is a crack in the middle of the board. 2. Look at the film, the film is divided into imported and domestic, the film is mostly with high brightness, can maintain 25-30 years without fading, not suede, domestically generally faded in a few years.

Explicitly tell everyone that 0.6 mm is enough. Take the aluminum plate of an imported brand with a high reputation in the market as an example, its price is more than 300 yuan per square meter, but what is its thickness? 0.5 mm, not as good as 0.6 mm! Why, the board is not good or bad It lies in the thickness but in the substrate. In fact, if the aluminum gussets you consult are brand names, in the mid-range, most of them are 0.6 mm.

As for why some brands are 0.8 mm, they are not good. Some miscellaneous brands use aluminum cans. Because of the quality problems of aluminum itself, they want to make the aluminum plate very thin, but it is impossible because The aluminum is not good, the board can't be thinned evenly, so they can only do it in thick, and then thin the peritoneum at the same cost. . .

Therefore, in order to identify the aluminum gusset plate, in addition to paying attention to the surface finish, it is also necessary to observe whether the thickness of the board is uniform, and feel the elasticity and toughness by pinching the board with a hand.

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Label: What kind of aluminum gusset is better?

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