Which medicines are used to control the beans?

To prevent and control the water and water management of the bean worms, the emergence of uniform seedlings, the tidy growth, and the relatively concentrated flowering and podding period are required to eliminate the insects in a critical period.
Spraying should adhere to the principle of “regarding buds as the mainstay” and spray the larvae in the flower buds during the flowering period. Spraying time should be 8:10 on a sunny day when the flower bed is open. After the flowering of the flower, the pod grows to a length of more than 10 centimeters and sprays once, which can kill the young larvae that have hatched and invaded the young pods. The medicine can be selected by using Kung Fu 1500 times liquid or avermectin 1500 times liquid spray, or A Rui Bao (4.5% emulsifiable oil) 1000-2000 times liquid. You can also choose Anret (25% EC) 1500 ~ 2000 times liquid or Ruining (2.5% EC) 2000 times solution, or Nongster (40% EC) 1500 ~ 2000 times liquid, or Su Kai (44% EC) ) 2000 to 3000 times liquid.

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